Kandy City

  • Kandy city Situated in the Centre of kandy city, this Notting Hill overlooks a green park. It features a large outdoor balcony sun-lounger terrace and offers elegant accommodations with furnished balconies and mountain views, Notting Hill country house – Kandy offers suites, rooms, and all room types have air conditioning, satellite TV, Mini fridge and Wi-Fi. All rooms have flat-screen TVs.Notting Hill hotel - Kandy is located – (Ampitiya road, near by Sri Lankan national seminary) from the Kandy dalada maligawa and is less than 1.5 km.!

    Kandy is also known as Maha Nuvara and is located in the Central Province, on the Mahaweli River in Sri Lanka. This serene place lies in the midst of the Kandy plateau. Kandy is famed for its World Heritage ancient Kandy City, Kandy Dalada Maligawa, Kandyan architecture. Kandy is popularly famed to be the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. Kandy is mostly known for the temple of Tooth and the Old Royal palace which reckon to be very popular tourist destinations. The city of Kandy had its inception in the 15th century and is known to be the last royal capital. Kandy offers to be the outlet to travel to north and the south of Sri Lanka.

    Places of Interest

    The Temple of Tooth

    The Temple of tooth is known as an important place of worship for the Buddhists. It is known from sources that one of the teeth of Buddha is kept in the temple. The temple was constructed in the in the 16th century but it was renovated from time to time to retain its charm and sanctity. A golden canopy was recently built on the temple and a proper dress code is to be followed for entering the temple. Perched on the lakeside at the eastern end of the town Centre are the serene white buildings of the Temple of the Tooth (Dalada Maligawa). This is Sri Lanka’s most important Buddhist temple and home to one of Buddhism’s most sacred objects, the Tooth Relic of the Buddha, which attracts pilgrims from all over the island and many other places in Asia besides. It also serves as an important symbol of Sinhalese identity and pride – traditionally, whoever had the relic was believed to have the right to rule the island, giving its possession a political, as well as a religious, dimension.

    Old Royal Palace Compound

    How could a tour to Kandy be complete without visiting the old royal compound Feel like a royal while touring the old royal palace, queen's chambers, and council’s chambers. Many of these areas have been converted into museums which depicts the artifacts of the Kandyan Era. Gazing at the palace one can feel the cultural ups and downs of the bygone era.

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    Lankatilaka Temple

    Lankatilaka temple is located on the rock called Panhalgala a few kilometers from the town of Kandy. This temple is famed for its superfine structure and alluring paintings.

    Gadaladeniya Temple

    The Gadaladeniya Temple in Sri lanka is a 14th century temple proclaimed well for it is being built on a rock in the South Indian Architectural style and is situated 15 km off the town of Kandy.

    Royal Botanical Garden

    The Royal Botanical Garden in Kandy was an eye pleasure for the queen of Kandya. One of the best islands of Sri Lanka this also serves as the headquarters of the allied forces during the Second World War reign. About 6km (4 miles) southwest of Kandy.

    Enclosed in a loop of the Mahaweli Ganga River, the lush 60-hectare (147-acre) gardens are stuffed with a baffling array of Sri Lankan, Asian and international flora. From the entrance the stately, much-photographed Royal Palm Avenue leads down to the Great Circle at the center of the gardens; while the Great Lawn is home to a famous giant Javen fig tree sometimes claimed to be the largest tree in the world. North of here, the gardens become wilder, with troupes of macaque monkeys foraging in the bushes and huge clusters of flying foxes dangling from the trees overhead.

    Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

    About 40km (25 miles) west of Kandy.

    Elephants young and old are given sanctuary in a natural habitat at the massively popular Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. The orphanage cares for almost 100 elephants, many of whom were either orphaned or injured in the wild. It’s a good idea to time your visit to coincide with either the morning or midday meals, after which the elephants are led over to the river to take a bath in the shallow waters of the Ma Oya – the unique spectacle of 90-odd elephants splashing around together in the river is one of Sri Lanka’s most entertaining and impressive sights, and not to be missed.